Avoid these Answer Sheet Mistakes

1. The only reason for Answer Sheet mistakes is negligence or lack of mindfulness.
a. Not writing exactly what was said or written, which is what the directions say. (negligence). You cannot paraphrase.
b. Not spelling an answer correctly. (negligence)
c. Forgetting to transfer all the answers (negligence).
d. Writing answers in the wrong spaces (negligence)
e. Not remembering the instructions that there is no extra time to transfer answers in Reading. (negligence)
f. Not following the word limit (One Word and/or Number) directions. (negligence)
g. Leaving blank answer choices instead of guessing. (negligence)
h. Not paying attention to grammar rules when entering answers. Question says: There are three __________ involved in the tour. You write “student,” which is clearly wrong because the question says “three,” so you have to know that they said “students” in the audio. (Negligence).

Basically: Follow directions and DON’T BE NEGLIGENT!

How To Plan Your IELTS

How Mind boggling Jargon, Designs and Techniques Are Bringing down Your IELTS Score

At the point when you bomb the IELTS test, it is simply normal to imagine that the motivation behind why you fizzled was on the grounds that your language or technique was excessively straightforward.

You search for more intricate language, complex jargon, complex procedures and complex methods.

Unpredictable, intricate, complex.

The seriously stressing thing is that alleged ‘educators’, ‘masters’ and ‘specialists’ accept this is the appropriate response as well.

They guarantee to have the ‘mystery system’, ‘Significant level jargon records’, ‘Band 9 designs’ or ‘super strategies’ that are the way to high scores.

Actually they are more intrigued by your cash than improving your scores.

They can’t come clean with you which is IELTS is a lot easier than you might suspect.

The key is to gain proficiency for certain essential rules that the test depends on and improve everything.

You may believe that is mind boggling yet we have assisted more individuals with getting the scores they need than any other person on the planet. Indeed, the entirety of our examples of overcoming adversity say 1 suggestion encouraged them more than everything else –

Keep it basic.

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